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Booklet 'Lappa' (Patching)

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Product Description:

Katarina Brieditis och Katarina Evans

‘Lappa’ is one of the booklets in the ‘Lappa & Laga’ (Darning and Mending) series. Here's how to repair everything from jeans and shirt collars to sweaters and linings. 


Textile designer Katarina Brieditis and master embroiderer Katarina Evans may not always give you the fastest way to mend things, but they are guaranteed to be the most fun ones. By tackling problems creatively, they find unexpected solutions wet your appetite and give you ideas on how to save your favourite jeans yourself, conjure up stylish buttons to the jacket and turn a sleek T-shirt into a shirt to be proud of.


P.S. We produce more clothes than we need, we buy more clothes than we need and we throw away more clothes than we need. It doesn't have to be that way!


Produced by:  Wikinggruppen