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Wool Yarn

Ullcentrum's yarns are spun from 100% Swedish wool. They are available as single-, 2-ply or 3-ply. We are also able to offer an 8/2 yarn, particularly suited for hand knitting machines.

The grey shades are spun from the beautiful natural grey wool of the Gotland sheep. We have also dyed yarn on light grey and medium grey Gotland wool. They are called "Light Gotland" resp. "Dark Gotland". 

White yarn and yarn dyed on white wool are spun from different breeds of sheep with white wool, for ex. the fine wool sheep. 

The wool is washed in an environmentally friendly way, using a mild shampoo and leaving some of the lanolin in so as to preserve the
natural properties of the wool.

Swedish wool is of high quality. It is strong, soft and easy to knit and weave with. It is also well suited for felting, either in a washing machine or by hand. In the past women felted both knitted and woven clothing once weaving was completed.

Ullcentrum's yarns come in a wide variety of attractive and eye-catching colours, both solid and variegated, more often than not inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds us.




Produced by:  Wikinggruppen