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Welcome to Ullcentrum!

Ullcentrum is the company for you who, like us, try to protect natural materials and an ecological way of life. We collect Swedish wool from big and small farms on Öland and in the south of Sweden. This wool is then transformed into beautiful, warm clothing, slippers, hot pads, insoles etc., all designed and produced by ourselves.

By having interviewed elderly local women and researching old patterns from Öland, we are able to give these a new life in our knitted garments. In addition to that we also have knitted and woven linen garments, gift items and so much more.

At Ullcentrum we are proud to be able to preserve one of the best natural materials available – Swedish wool.




Handicraft Craft Fair 11 - 14 August Höganäs

Formex 23 - 26 August Älvsjö

Yarn and Wholesaler 17 - 18 September Gothenburg

Weaving fair 22 - 24 September Halmstad

Sewing and Crafts Festival 28 - 30 October Älvjsö









*Only within Sweden



Produced by:  Wikinggruppen