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Washing instructions


Wool and linen are natural materials which have been used by humans for thousands of years. Sheep can live outside all year round, even in extreme weather conditions. Linen also thrives in our cold northern climate. This makes these fibres function well in all weathers, even wind, rain and snow.

Linen, silk and wool are not exposed to dangerous chemicals in their production and are therefore very gentle on the skin.

Linen silk and wool can be exposed to water on a daily basis. However they do not need to be properly washed regularly. Since the materials breathe and lets moisture through (thus prevents perspiration) you can wear the clothes straight against your skin for at least 14 days without having to wash them. If you want to you can air the clothing once in a wile.

A wool cardigan/jumper doesn’t need washing more than once per year and with very occasional
wear - every 4th year.

Washing advice for wool:

Wash on separate wool wash program at 40º C, using a mild detergent and highest spin setting. Remove from the washer and leave to dry naturally.

Attention! Don’t use the delicates program on you washing machine and never tumble dry wool!

Washing advice for linen:

Wash on the wool or alternatively the delicates program, at 40º C, using a mild detergent and the lowest spin settings.

Coloured linens should be washed together with similar colours.

Do not tumble dry!

Linen may shrink slightly during the wash (especially if unbleached) however it normally regains its original size when worn again.

Knitted linen contracts during the wash and should be stretched directly after the wash. You can measure the garment before the wash if you want and then stretch it back to its original measurements.

You can also use your iron to help stretching it.

Fabric garments should always be ironed while moist. Then it’s quick and easy to make them smooth.

Washing advice for silk:

Wash on the wool program at 30 - 40º C using a mild detergent and the lowest spin setting.

Silk garments can also shrink slightly but which can be prevented if you iron the clothing on the reverse side while it is still moist.

Since silk is a natural material you can iron it at the highest temperature.



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