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About Ullcentrum

Ullcentrum was set up by Ann Linderhjelm in July 1998 . Ann has always had a genuine interest in natural materials and when she realised that the farmers threw away or burned a lot of the raw wool, she started thinking about how it could potentially be used. 

Ann started by collecting the raw wool mainly from Öland but also regionally from around Småland and Blekinge. She then continued by creating Ullcentrum entirely from scratch, prioritising product development and design, thus creating a market for the local wool. Eventually a range of felted wool, yarn and knitted products was launched.

After another couple of years linen products in the form of clothing and yarn were added as a natural complement to the wool.

Ullcentrum's vision is to work in an environmentally friendly and organically sound manner, using clean, traditional and natural materials such as wool, linen, hemp and wood where possible. The production is on a small scale and we strive to use as few resources as possible and to provide good working conditions for our employees.

The company's trade is to a large extent based on wholesale sales and our retailers can be found in Sweden, Europe, Japan and the US. Marketing is predominantly done by participating in various trade fairs throughout the year, the two 'Formex' Fairs in Älvsjö (Stockholm), Sweden being the largest.

Ullcentrum also runs its own shops in Löttorp and Kalmar and set up its online shop in December 2008.

The aim of the company is to continuously develop and improve its range of traditional, useful and sustainable products that are easy to maintain.

All products are unique to Ullcentrum and designed in-house.





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