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bok stoppa

Boklet 'Stoppa' (Darning)

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Katarina Brieditis och Katarina Evans

We all have them: pet clothing that has been broken or lost the form because of hard wear, stylish garments that need updating and everyday garments that have stains or holes.


By investing a little time and love it is possible to reinforce, mend and increase the personal expression on the garments so that it lasts for a while longer and at the same time turn the patching and preparation into a fun-filled needlework.


‘Stoppa’ is one of the booklets in the ‘Lappa & Laga’ (Patch Up) series. ‘Stoppa’ shows how classic darning techniques can be used in various ways to repair worn garments. Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans are pushing the boundaries and also blending various stitching, white embroidery and lace stitching techniques - for who says you have to mend a hole? Maybe it will be better if you make it more visible or join it with several other holes? 


Here you get a generous choices of ideas to wet your appetite and give you suggestions on how you can extend the life of your clothes yourself and turn them into something extra.


P.S. We produce more clothes than we need, we buy more clothes than we need and we throw away more clothes than we need. It doesn't have to be that way!



Produced by:  Wikinggruppen