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UW Elis Poloshirt UW Elis Poloshirt

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UW Elis Poloshirt

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The perfect poloshirt for all activities

Texture knit poloshirt with collar and three buttons, embroidery on upper left arm. Micron count 18,5.

- Poloshirt
- Embroidery on left arm
- Mulesingfree wool

- 49% Merino Wool Extrafine/ 49% Lyocell (TENCEL™)/2% Elastane
- 175g/m²

1. Hang the garment out for airing 2. Wash in wool program.


Care instructions:

The formula for success in caring for a wool garment and keeping it nice is to air, air and air it again. Remove dirt and stains immediately when they occur and then hang the garment on a hanger outdoors. It is only an advantage if the weather outside is a bit humid. Wool repels dirt and breaks down bacteria and is thus self-cleaning and odorless. If you notice that the garment is not sufficiently clean after a good airing, it might be time to wash it, by carefully following the washing instruction, which can be found by the side seam.


Washing instructions:

1. Air the garment.

2. Wash on a 30 degree wool program but be sure to read the washing instructions first.

Made by Ivanhoe of Sweden



Produced by:  Wikinggruppen