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Organic Laundry Soap Lanolin

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Product Description:

Completely natural stain and laundry soap, not least for wool and wool. Not only cleans gently but also greases with the lanolin in the soap. Rub on the stain, if you are unsure so first try on a place that is not visible, colored garments can be delicate. Leave the soap in water for a little while and wash by hand.

The wool sweater, sheepskin, woolen woolen sweater diaper and the little woolen baskets!



Contains (saponified) ingredients of: * coconut oil (sodium * cocoate), lanolin (lanolin), lard (lard), * rapeseed oil (sodium * canolate) & * castor oil (sodium * castorate).

(* Organic Origin)





Produced by:  Wikinggruppen