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Grunne Laundry Lavender Cleaner & Softener "Tvättika"

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Product Description:




Tvättika™ is an environmentally friendly cleaning and rinsing agent with a low pH which together with Cleaning Carbonate ™ is an excellent general remedy for cleaning and washing. Use as a softener and rinse aid together with our detergent Laundry™ when you wash to get clean and fresh clothes that smell wonderful.

Volume: 750 ml










Here are some cleaning and washing tips:





Rinse & Softener in the washing machine:





Pour 30 ml (use the supplied dosage measure) into the rinse aid dispenser in the washing machine.










Cleaning tiles and clinkers:





Using a cleaning sponge or similar, apply to tiles and clinkers and the white joints will be radiantly clean










Dissolving limescale stains and limescale deposits:





Lime stains disappear with Tvättika; apply with a cloth or sponge, wait for about 10 minutes and then rinse with water.










Counteracting bad odour and mold:





Pour Tvättika on the exposed area, for example a shower curtain, wait about 10 minutes before washing it in the washing machine, black mold spores such as the shower disappear if Tvättika is scrubbed on the exposed area





Cleaning laundry and dishwasher:





Pour about 30 ml directly into the washing drum or dishwasher and run a normal 60 degrees cycle. Bad smell disappears as Tvättika thoroughly deep cleans.





Cleaning ovens :





Pour about 30 ml into a heat-resistant oven bowl, set the oven to 150 degrees, put the bowl  in the oven and leave for 1 hour. The acid in Tvättika together with the moisture and the heat dissolves the grease stains, making it easy to clean the oven.





Shine for window and mirrors:





Pour a splash of Tvättika into a bowl of water. Tvättika dissolves grease stains and dirt, making it easy to wash them off. In addition, after cleaning glass and mirrors the acid in the product makes it easier to dry them.





Unplugging drains:





Pour cleaning carbonate and a slash of Tvättika into the drain, it will start to fizz and sputter, as it should but is nothing dangerous as it is just carbon dioxide. Then pour plenty of hot water in the drain and now you have clean pipes and no plugs. 










Tvättika is vegan and 100% biodegradable




Produced by:  Wikinggruppen